iuvo Technologies provides managed IT services, IT project implementation and recurring operational support. We offer comprehensive IT services for all of your IT needs, customized to your unique environment and business requirements.

Assessment Services

Our assesment methodology evaluates the current IT operational state of your organization. This includes systems, services, processes, performance, security and staff capability assessments. Our seasoned team of consultants gives you a roadmap to turn chaos into clarity or simply help provide guidance on how your IT investment can work better for you.

System and Network Administration

We provide both project and recurring IT operations assistance. We can help you implement most technologies and also keep it working well so you can focus on your business.

Messaging Implementation and Management

Considering Microsoft Exchange, using open source based software or perhaps a hosted solution. iuvo Technologies can help with any aspect of messaging. We can help you stay connected so you can address the needs of your business and customers.

Network Implementation and Management

We offer network, security and core network service implementation that allows your systems and applications to communicate efficiently. We can implement LAN, WAN, WLAN or WWAN technologies coupled with name and authentication services to make it all seamless.

Security and Data Protection Services

Keeping your data secure is our business. Firewalls, antivirus, anti-spam as well as backup and recovery service keep your environment secure.

Monitoring, Event Management and Proactive Assistance

We can monitor your environment and tackle issues before they become problems. If you don’t need a full time IT staff, the itech service portal can provide contract based monitoring, event handling and problem resolution using our change management process to keep your business running.

Complete Startup Implementation

Our founders were involved in building numerous startups from the ground up. Working to get your business idea to a mature state will be more successful if you have the right systems, network and software in place. We provide soup to nuts startup services for IT and facilities so that you can focus on why you became a startup, to bring your product or service to market.

EDA and Technical Service Implementation

Companies focused on designing semiconductors have unique requirements that require expertise that a typical IT manager may not have. Chip design software, high performance simulation and graphics environments as well as the source control and bug tracking software that make your environment productive is critical. iuvo Technologies can offer consulting and project based assistance to technical product companies.

Open Source Integration

Do you require integration of open source software with your Microsoft or Apple technology? Would you like to use enterprise class open source software to stay competitive in the marketplace without the enterprise level cost? iuvo Technologies can help.


iuvo technologies will help you navigate leading platforms such as Bare metal, VMWare, Docker Containers, AWS or Azure servers, all while ensuring your specs are carefully pre-defined, and your operating system is available and secure. We’ll also help customize your environment in an automated fashion, for scalability and ensure there is no interruption to service. Regardless of your challenge, we will help you establish the right DevOps environment for your business while containing costs and driving profitability.