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Westford, MA

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Join iuvo Technologies along with industry experts for a morning of information and enlightenment on the critical topics you need to ensure your business thrives.

  • Guest speakers
  • LIVE Disaster Demo
  • Giveaways
  • Networking & Lunch

With the constant threat of cyber criminals targeting businesses, it is critical to understand how to mitigate those threats and make your IT investment a competitive advantage.

Along with the information packed morning, this event includes lunch, a raffle for a Drone and Amazon Echo Dots, giveaways (including a Free Datto Drive) and an opportunity to network and collaborate with peers.

There is limited space for this event and past events have filled up quickly, so to be sure reserve your spot by 4/1/18. 

The Speakers

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Chris Russo
VP of Operations
iuvo Technologies
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Scott Taylor
Director of Solutions Engineering
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Chris Coskren
Account Specialist
iuvo Technologies
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Steve King
Managing Partner


Meet & Greet
Nametags, Handouts, & Refreshments.
The Human Firewall
The best IT security architecture is security in layers. While firewalls, antivirus and patching are critical to keeping your network and data safe, humans are often the weakest link. Chris Russo will dissect some high-profile data breaches and provide a very practical methodology that will allow you to turn your employees into a firewall.
Cutting Edge Internet Security Mitigation Techniques
Cyber Criminals can use many methods to attack and attempt to disable websites and Internet connected businesses. Distributed Denial of Service (DDOS) attacks, BGP Hijacks and various types of DNS Attacks can disable the critical core of the Internet. Scott Taylor, Director of Solutions Engineering will discuss cutting edge Internet attack mitigation techniques used by Oracle-Dyn, to ensure that core Internet functions remain secure and highly available.
Business Continuity with a LIVE Disaster Demo
Computers and networks are critical to operating and being competitive in today's business climate. This dependency, however, creates risks when companies experience business outages from disasters that range from power, flooding to Encrypting Malware. Chris Coskren and the Business Continuity Team will show both the risks and recovery techniques for the modern business. This will include a very dynamic Disaster Demo which is a must see live event.
Is Moving to a Cloud-Based Phone System Right for my Business?
There are many cloud Based and IP Phone systems in the market that can, cost effectively provide better features and service than the traditional phone systems. But is it right for your business? Steve King will guide you through the important decisions to consider before making that move. Comparison of price, features, flexibility, quality, stability and many other factors will be discussed to enable you to make the right choice for your business.
Lunch, Networking, Prizes, & More
End the day on a lighter note with food and giveaways.

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