Living at the Edge: Secure Your Company

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Join iuvo Technologies and Technium for a knowledge-share on how implementing SASE and other edge-based methodologies can help secure your business on a whole new level.

The importance of security is growing, especially in the current environment in which many businesses demand uninterrupted access for employees. SASE (secure access service edge) disrupts our historic view on security and allows companies to employ a model where security is based at the edge and no longer at your office. During this discussion, attendees will learn what SASE and other edge-based security methods are, how to implement them and the benefits, including next-generation connectivity, reduced management, layered technologies, and how all of it translates to reduced costs and a greater level of efficiency.


Bryon Beilman

President & CEO, iuvo Technologies

Michael Joseph

President & CTO, Technium

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