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Using grit and resiliency to transform your organization and develop a competitive edge.
Virtual Recorded Webinar Series

About The Event


Join iuvo Technologies and seasoned business and IT experts for an information exchange around the topics facing us all this year. We've gathered brilliant industry leaders to discuss topics aimed at empowering your business through technology and best practices. Our focus this year looks at building grit and using it to ensure you and your business thrive.


This information-packed webinar series provides digestible and actionable information that will help your business in the months to come. Former attendees described our annual Symposium as the "Symposium of Awesomeness" and "the best event they had ever been to". Join us to experience it yourself. Reserve your spot now!


This year's format is a little different because we know time is tight this year. We will ensure the webinar series is at your own pace. Each week we will send registrants a pre-recorded webinar for them to view on their own time with a way to send each presenter questions or comments after. 

The Speakers

Jim Madsen
Mary Boland
Owner & Creative Director
Anchor Hitch Media
Michael DePalma
Channel Development Manager
Larry Gennari
Gennari Aronson, LLP
Michael Joseph
President & CTO
Vince Dowd
Authentic Elevation
Bryon Beilman
President & CEO
iuvo Technologies
Gary Cutbill
Senior IT Consultant
iuvo Technologies


Using Agile Principles to Sharpen Focus, Reduce Noise, and Manage Change
What do you know about Agile methodology? Is your business using it or interested in learning more? Develop and understanding about how Agile methods can transform your organization and leave with actionable take-away items to help your business succeed.
Video Strategy: Your Business Can't Afford Not to Have One
Getting your company's message out in the world and heard is becoming nearly impossible in this digital era. Yet, many businesses overlook using targeted video to gain a competitive advantage and tap a fast ROI. Mary Boland, owner and creative director of Anchor Hitch Media, demystifies the role video should be playing in all of our businesses.
Protecting Your Data In A Work From Anywhere Environment
Security and a solid business continuity plan can make or break a company when ransomware strikes. Given our current climate this is an even more important part of your business plan. Hear stories of bad actors taking advantage of small companies and find out what it takes to ensure your plan will prevent them from impacting your business.
Project Entrepreneur: Grit, Resilience, Unlocking Futures, and Unleashing Potential
Entrepreneurs have been the lifeblood of the U.S. economy for decades, enhancing productivity, raising wages and living standards, and providing economic security. Yet, for far too many would-be entrepreneurs and their future startups, the barriers created by a criminal record can seem insurmountable. Learn about how entrepreneurship can foster the successful reentry of individuals with a criminal record back into society, igniting a new beginning for them and their families and invoking positive change in their communities.
Maintaining & Securing a Home Network
The mobile workforce has now become the home workforce, and from a network perspective a dramatic increase in connectivity to both data center-based corporate assets and cloud-based corporate assets is now initiated from home networks. The strain on an IT department is essentially magnified by a requirement from securing a number of business locations to securing as many locations as employees. This topic will allow attendees to learn about specific requirements for improved “do it yourself” security -- specifically considering VIP support for executives and critical staff--and consideration for more disruptive cloud technology.
Greater Fulfillment With a New Perspective
Most people don’t realize they are living in a trance.  It can be called unconscious manifestation. Like Pavlov’s dog we seek rewards based on past programs and often the highest achievers find themselves successful in their external rewards, but unfulfilled in their inner dimensions. To transcend, we need to SNAP out of it. The only journey that matters is the inner journey
Secrets to Building a Next-Level Culture
Culture drives businesses, so you better give it all you've got. Join us as we dive into the importance of defining and investing in your culture and how it pays dividends in some unexpected ways.
Adopting DevOps Strategies to Improve Your Business
DevOps is a popular buzzword these days, but lots of people aren’t really sure what DevOps is about. In this presentation, we will share some insights into how DevOps techniques can be used to improve the efficiency of IT management while simultaneously making your infrastructure more reliable. The techniques discussed can be economically used and apply equally well to internal and customer facing systems.

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